Stillwater, MN to Bonita Bay, FL

2172 miles on a 27ft Fishing boat (that slept nobody) on a one month trip from Stillwater, Minnesota to Bonita Springs, Florida, down many rivers, bays, Intracoastals, 39 locks, and if that weren't enough, we had to cross the Gulf, too. What an epic adventure in our lives!

Boat Trip Blog

What were we thinking of when we decided this trip would be a good idea??? Not sure, but Skip's grandfather built a cabin cruiser in the 40's and took his wife to Florida and back down the river. Skip's father, Iver, took a small boat with two friends and gas tanks strapped on both sides and also took the trip down the river, and then in the 60's, my dad and mom, Bud and Lucy Chandler, did the round trip from Stillwater to Ft. Lauderdale on a live aboard boat. We might be keeping up a family tradition.

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